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Mirada Unicorn with glitter horn (Pink)

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SIZE(cm): 25 x 19 x 20 Adorably cute 25cm plush unicorn stuffed animal with soft fur, white mane, embroidered sparkly eyes and sparkly pink horns and shiny pads, surface washable.
Easy cleaning No smell of chemicals! Easy cleaning with a damp cloth!
The soft way is made of soft plush toy material which makes it a very fluffy and cute teddy bear.
Great Gift Idea This unicorn is the perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day.
Wonderful Cuddly is made of luxurious 100% polyester. Perfect for hugging and touching.

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premium quality
All Mirada plush animals are made from high quality, reinforced stitching and 100% ultra-premium, clump-resistant, polyester stuffing. The plushy coat is made from a specially designed soft synthetic fiber that keeps babies and toddlers safe during rough play.

100% graphics.
We always stand behind the quality of our products, and we support our customers long after purchase. Our goal is always your complete satisfaction!

MIRADA soft toy
Every Mirada plushie is built to withstand multiple cuddles, squeezes and hugs! Coated with the softest faux fur and stuffed with the firmest polyester filling, then made with precise, reinforced stitching for baby safety. We never use straw, wool, pellet or any other material that does not meet the Mirada Quality Standard a perfect gift
Looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones for practically any occasion? Look no further. This adorable teddy bear is a perfect gift for anyone, be it a newborn or an adult. This stuffed animal teddy would make a great addition to the home and family. You can cuddle with this little toy, add it to your stuffed animal collection, or just have this furry friend as a loyal friend. This little wonder is sure to put a smile on any face.

easy to catch
Each plush toy is hand made and designed by a skilled team of stuffed animal artisans. We specialize in using strong, natural and non-traditional ingredients to create the highest quality products. Our goal is to produce a high quality, cute stuffed animal for everyone.

natural material
These cuddly soft toys will not disappoint when it comes to softness and durability. These toys are threaded and stitched with polyester fibers that create the corduroy texture, which gives these plushies the familiar soft, durable feel. These plush toys are filled with pillow-like material which makes them perfect for babies to hug and snuggle. The Softness Of These Pleasantly Makes Anyone A Happ

easy to wash
These Mirada Plush range are easy to clean and wash. Put this furry friend in a pillow case, tie the end, then put it in the washing machine. Next, place the plush toy on a flat surface to dry. It’s so easy and straightforward!