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Funskool – The Farming Cycle Puzzle

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Away from the bustling city life, lies the backbone of our country, the Farmlands! Teach children something they very rarely witness in the city, the Farming process! This 104 pieces puzzle graphically depicts the various stages of Farming!

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This puzzle set from Funskool has a visually appealing look to it. Vibrant colours primarily dominate puzzle layouts, with distinctive cartoon caricatures spread across. The interactive writing style will help kids to remain interested in the game.
Calls for More Participation

This puzzle game contains 104 pieces, which can be challenging and interesting to be solved by kids. However, having more participants for participation will multiply the fun and excitement.

Safe to Use

This puzzle set does not have any harmful parts, thereby allowing it to be fit for children to play. Each piece of the puzzle is crafted to be safe and gentle on the tender fingers.

Ideal for Age Groups 6+

This Funskool puzzle set has been developed primarily for kids above the age group of six years. With a slightly grown up mindset, the kids will be able to pick up skills from the puzzle.