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Funskool – Let’s Learn Numbers Puzzle

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How good is your child with numbers? The Numbers Puzzle is a great way to find out. Colorful pieces of numbers and images have to be put together to complete the puzzle. Watch the little nimble fingers get to work as two kites, eight bananas and 14 clocks come together in record time!

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This play and learn game set is an intuitive number learning puzzle that is ideal for kids of the age group 3 years and above. It comes with 60 puzzle pieces, that can be put together by matching the number and diagrams to form a complete picture. It enables kids to learn the numbers in a fun and playful way.
Fun Puzzle

This puzzle set offers a fun way of learning numbers. The intuitive features vibrant graphic images with numbers printed on each puzzle piece. This instantly encourages little ones to play. The kids can have endless fun by scrambling the pieces once the puzzle is complete.

Enhances Mental and Motor Skills

The let’s Learn Numbers set helps in improving the cognitive and motor skills in kids. It also improves their shape recognition ability. This is a fun puzzle that exercises the brain. It keeps the children engaged and focused for hours altogether and helps them pass their leisure time in a fun yet productive way.

Excellent for Gifting

This number puzzle can be an excellent gift for young developing minds. The pieces are made with high quality material and they can be arranged or scrambled numerous times. The colourful pictures on the puzzle pieces can keep your kid’s curiosity intrigued for hours.