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Funskool – Let’s Learn Fruits & Vegetables Puzzle

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What would be a good way to make kids like fruits and vegetables? Offer the farmland produce to them as puzzles, of course! The 2-in-1 puzzle has various fruits and vegetables clearly named that have to be put together and identified. It’s a brain game that offers food for thought, surely.

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This jigsaw puzzle set comprises of 32 puzzle pieces that feature diagrams of different fruits and vegetables. The easy to play puzzle comes with large sized pieces, that can be put together in order to form complete pictures.
Enjoyable Puzzle Set

This play and learn set is an exciting puzzle that is specially made for kids of the age group 3 years and above. The game keeps the child’s curiosity intrigued. It can be played for hours as the pieces can be scrambled to restart the puzzle all over again.

Improves Cognitive and Motor Skills

The puzzle set helps in developing the cognition skills, motor skills, spatial skills, and shape or colour recognition ability in kids at an early age. This intuitive puzzle exercises the brain and builds strong memory power. It can be played with family and friends.

Perfect for Gifting

This fruits and vegetables puzzle set can be an excellent gift for kids. It features attractive multi-coloured pieces, that instantly encourage young kids to play. This educative jigsaw puzzle enables the kids to learn and play at the same time.