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Funskool – Let’s learn Alphabet Puzzle

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What are the letters of the English alphabet and what do they stand for? Kids can now explore and learn by themselves even as they enjoy the experience of putting together the Alphabet Puzzle. And once they master it, one thing is for sure basic English will no longer be a puzzle to them!

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The “Let’s Learn Alphabets” jigsaw puzzle is cleverly designed to help little kids learn and enjoy at the same time. Each puzzle piece has colourful graphics and alphabets printed on it. This jigsaw educates young children in a fun and playful way.
Learn and Play

This alphabet puzzle is a brain stimulating game that encourages little ones to learn about words and alphabets. The puzzle pieces have images of objects that begin with their respective alphabets. The appealing pieces keep the kids engaged for hours as they can be scrambled again, once the puzzle is completed.

Enhances Motor Skills

This play and learn jigsaw puzzle help in developing the motor skills, visual perception, cognitive skills, memory, and concentration power in children. It exercises their brain and teaches them to identify various shapes and colours. The puzzle can be played with friends and family to develop social skills in kids at an early age.

Excellent for Gifting

The jigsaw puzzle can be an excellent gift for young developing minds. This fun alphabet game for kids features various shapes of different animals and objects. It holds the kid’s curiosity and interest to help them learn. This puzzle is suitable for kids of the age group 3 years and above.