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Giggles – Stack A Ring , Multicolour stacking toy with 5 Colourful rings

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Bright colors stimulate visual development
Placing rings on post strengthens eye-hand coordination
Helps baby learn to differentiate among colors and sizes of rings
Hands-on activities strengthen babies sense of touch
Enhances gross motor skills

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Stack a Ring
This ring stacking set is manufactured for babies and toddlers of the age group 6 months and above. It provides a fun and intuitive learning experience. The play set features multiple rings of progressive sizes, that can be stacked into a colourful structure. It helps in improving the hand-eye co-ordination of kids at an early age. Colourful and Appealing Pieces
This stacking ring play set features colourful rings that are appealing to look at. They instantly encourage the little ones to play by arranging them in graduating sizes from small to large. The rings are easy to grasp and they nest perfectly on top of each other.

Develops Mental and Motor Skills
The stacking set is perfect for teaching toddlers about shapes and colours. It helps in developing their motor and mental skills. It also teaches them the concept of sizes. It offers an intuitive way of teaching them about the basics of balance and construction

Child-Safe Construction
This set comes with multi-coloured rings that are manufactured with detailed attention to ensure a smooth finished and child-safe construction. It is made with non-toxic paint and the game is easy to play by children of all age groups.