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Giggles – Ride N Hide Turtle , Pull Along Toy, Encourages Walking

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Pull-along turtle family for stacking, nesting, hide-inside fun
Children are fascinated by objects with moving parts they can turn, click, push, spin, squeak, rattle or slide
If shell disconnects, place turtle on a firm, flat surface Line up hinge on shell and press down firmly to re-assemble
These fun activities help children learn to manipulate objects in lots of interesting ways and develop their fine motor skills
Toys such as ride ‘n hide turtles encourage discovery and playful exploration

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Adorable Pull-along Turtle for Kids
The Funskool Ride n Hide Turtle is an absolutely adorable toy that your little one will love. Babies above the age of 12 months will be incredibly delighted with the cute looks of this turtle. Ideal for children who are learning to walk, they’ll love pulling along this Ride n Hide Turtle. Sporting a cheerful yellow body with a cute green shell, the mother turtle has a string around her neck which your little one can hold and pull along all around the house. Get this adorable pull along toy for your little one and watch their face light up with joy.

Stack and Nest Cute Baby Turtles

The mother turtle comes with five endearing baby turtles that sport vibrantly coloured bodies. Keep the little baby turtles safe by teaching your little one to place them inside the mother turtle’s shell by simply flipping it open. Your little one will love the rattle sounds that this pull along turtle makes while moving across the floor. If the mother turtle’s shell comes off, place her on a hard, flat surface, connect the shell’s hinge to the mother and push down firmly to clip it back in place. It teaches kids concepts of discovery and exploration, along with manipulation of objects.