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Pip Squeaks (pack of 2) Animal Squeaky Toys Giggle Funskool for 18m+ baby (Animals may vary due to availability)

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It’s an animal party! With the lion, monkey, rabbit
and duckling, all bright and squeaky. Hours of fun
for your little ones.

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Are you looking for a toy that can keep your infants entertained all the time? Then, why not let your little one play with Funskool Pip Squeaks? Usually, toddlers prefer toys that make buzzing, clinking or squeaky sound. This toy comes in a pack of 4 that make sounds, thus appearing more interesting and attractive to the children. They are an ideal choice to keep the little ones engaged and calm all the time. Mothers can relax for some time by letting their toddlers play with this attractive pip squeaks.

Pip Squeaks toy is a lovely play set for infants aging below 2 years. All the four squeaks come in animal shapes such as rabbit, lion, duckling and monkey. Thus, infants find them to be more interesting. Since these squeaks come in different bright colours, they grab the attention of the infants. These squeaks can be played with during any time of the day, wherever your child wants. While travelling by a car, you can let your infant play with these squeaks. Even during the shower-time, these squeaks come handy while managing your child.

Another interesting fact is that these toys are available in compact designs. At the same time, they are lightly weighted. Hence carrying them around becomes convenient. The manufacturers are very concerned about the toxicity level of the material, so that the stuffs are safe for children to play with. Funskool Squeaks toys are manufactured according to the safety standards. Funskool toys are ideal for improving the responding and listening skills of the infants. Boys as well as girls can play with these toys. Hold, Press and Squeeze these Squeaking Animals
The Funskool Pip Squeaks 4 piece pack is the perfect accessory for kids who love to play with toys that make sounds. Ideal for kids below the age of two years, the Funskool Squeaks are the perfect companion to keep your child engaged and entertained. You could use it in the play area or even during bath. It is guaranteed to add the much needed fun quotient to their routine activities. In fact, the pip squeaks are compact and therefore you can also carry them around for your babies. What’s more is that these pip squeaks come in attractive colours and animal shapes, like lion, rabbit, monkey and duckling. This ensures that the kids find them even more interesting and enjoy their playtime.

Non-Toxic and Safe
The most important concern with any toy for babies is the toxicity level of the material that goes into making it. With the Funskool Pip Squeaks, however, you don’t have to worry about such issues. These toys are totally non-toxic and hence absolutely safe for your babies to play with. In fact, Funskool Pip Squeaks for kids are made in accordance with the international quality and toy safety standards. This means that even if you baby puts the toy into his or her mouth, there are no chances of any unwanted toxin travelling into their body. Instead, this toy will help improve the listening and responding skills of your baby.