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Giggles – Link Stack N Nest Toy Set , Multicolour 3 in 1 gift set

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3 in 1 fun stacking
Linking and nesting toy set with 8 Stacking drums
4 nesting eggs and 1 chick and 12 chain links

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Colourful Toy Set
This 3 in 1 stacking, linking and nesting toy set is manufactured for kids of the age group 6 months and above. It provides a fun and intuitive learning experience. The set includes 4 nesting eggs with chick, 12 chain links, and 8 colourful stacking cubes. Linking Toy
This set includes 12 multi-coloured C-shaped linking brackets, that can be joined together to form various shapes. The toy helps in improving the shape and colour recognition ability in toddlers. The smooth finished links are completely child-safe. They do not have any harsh edges that might hurt your little one.

Stacking Cubes and Nest
The stacking cube and nesting egg set helps the toddler in learning about the basics of counting. It also improves their colour and shape recognition ability. The set has cubes of different shapes and sizes. The cubes can be placed one above the other. The nesting eggs can be enclosed inside each other.

Intuitive Learning Experience
This colourful toy kit is designed to create an enjoyable and intuitive learning experience. It develops their matching skills, motor skills and decision making ability. This toy set exercises the kid’s brain. The colourful pieces look extremely appealing. They can keep your little one engaged for hours.