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Kiddy Star Links Giggles Interlocking learning toy for 18months and above

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Fun links stimulate baby’s sense of touch
Develop hand-eye coordination
Develops the child’s observation skills

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Multi-Coloured Star Links
This set of 12 interlocking star links is the perfect intuitive learning toy for toddlers. The colourful links can be connected with gentle physical force. They form various designs and patterns that can help in enhancing the child’s understanding of shapes, colours, and symmetry. Colourful Star Links
This set includes 12 colourful and attractive star links, that can be connected in different ways to create numerous patterns. The smooth finished design enables the child to link the toy with ease. The links are extremely light in weight and they do not hurt the toddler’s gums when they try to chew them.

Enhances Physical and Motor Skills
The toy set is designed to enhance the child’s motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, observation, and counting skills. It intrigues the kid’s imagination and teaches it to assemble links in various ways. The attractive toy keeps the little one’s curiosity intrigued. It also stimulates the sense of touch.

Child-Safe Construction
This intuitive learning toy set is manufactured with high grade non-toxic material. Its curved corner makes it completely child-safe. The link supports offer optimum hold to keep the structure intact. This star links toy provides a convenient way of introducing new shapes and colours to toddlers.