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Giggles – Toy Train

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Bring home the Toy Train and watch as your child squeals in delight.
Introduce your toddler to this pull along companion. This pop up activity
train comes with five brightly coloured animal pals which pop up and down
as the train is pulled or pushed along. Kids can learn shapes & colours by
fitting the animals in the respective slots provided.

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This multi-coloured toy train is an intuitive toy that encourages toddlers to walk and play. It has a soft pull-along string that enables the kid to manoeuvre the train with ease. The train comes with interlocking compartments that are easy to assemble. Vibrant and Appealing Design
The toy train has multi-coloured attachable and detachable compartments with shape matching spaces on top for assembling the animal heads. The animal pals move up and down as the train is pulled. This stimulates the senses and keeps the kid entertained.

Develops Motor and Mental Activity
This pop-up activity toy train is cleverly designed to develop the kid’s motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, imagination, and cognitive skills. It offers a fun way of learning colours and shapes. The interlocking compartment mechanism teaches the kids about construction.

Child-Safe and Sturdy Toy Locomotive
The pull-along toy train is manufactured with high grade non-toxic plastic that offers a sturdy and child-safe construction. It is made with detailed attention to ensure soft edges. The five animal pals include a lion, elephant, hippo, giraffe and monkey.