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Giggles Stack a Car

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Color – multicolor
The car put together can be pulled along for a jolly ride and press the car top for squeaks

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Stack a Car
This Stack A Car Set comes with multi-coloured stacks, that can be assembled into an appealing toy car. The chassis features a soft pull-along string, that encourages the little ones to walk and play. The set includes 4 layers and 4 wheels, that can be stacked as per the shapes to make an adorable car. Easy to Assemble
This stacking car set features different shapes on the wheels and stacks. The layers can be joined by matching these shapes. This toy set improves the problem solving skills in toddlers. The chassis stack has different rim shapes to attach the wheels accordingly.

Improves Mental and Physical Skills
The toy car is designed to enhance the mental and physical skills of infants. It develops the hand-eye co-ordination, motor skills, and shape recognition ability in kids. It offers an intuitive way of teaching them about the basics of construction.

Child-Safe and Durable Construction
This stacking toy is made with high grade non-toxic plastic material, that is designed with detailed attention to ensure that there are no harsh edges. The material offers a smooth finished and durable construction that makes it child-safe.