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Giggles Push and Crawl Monkey

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Perfect toy for gross motor skills and sensory skills
For infants from 6 months plus

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Push and Crawl Money
This push and crawl monkey is designed with a self-standing structure, that moves to and fro when pushed. It has appealing aesthetics, that can instantly encourage the little ones to play. The toy also helps them in understanding the cause and effect relationship. Appealing Design
This toy is designed with vibrant colours and visually stimulating aesthetics, that make it look very appealing. The colourful beads make rattling sounds to excite the infants and make them curious. The toy can be grabbed by the baby easily as it is extremely light in weight.

Bobbing Action
The toy features a bobbing action, that replicates the crawling motion of monkeys. It can be moved with a slight push and the rocking action encourages the toddler to move forward. It offers a visually pleasing and enjoyable experience for your little one.

Child-Safe and Durable Structure
This cheerful monkey toy is made with high grade non-toxic plastic. The toy has no harsh edges to make it child-safe. It can keep the children intrigued with endless fun and curiosity. It also enhances the physical development in babies and encourages them to crawl.