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Giggles – Mini Doodle Draw,Write,Erase

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This mini doodle is sized just right for on-the-go,
mess free, magnetic drawing fun! The stylus is
fixed in a rear slot so that it doesn’t get lost. The
easy-slide eraser clears the screen at one go &
encourages repeated play.

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This doodle provides your child an opportunity to write or draw on it. Your child can practice alphabets, numbers and can expand artistic possibilities too. The surface is easy to draw and write without any mess. Stylus with String
This board is designed with an easy-to-grasp stylus pen which is attached with an adjustable string, so your child can not lose it very easily. The little one can bring their creations on this pad and have fun.

Easy to Erase
This drawing tablet is incorporated with easy slide eraser which simply swipe back and forth. It helps you to wipe the drawing or doodles and provides a fresh new surface to start doodle again.

On the Go Fun
This doodle board is designed with a handle for portable and easy-carrying. It is light-weight and the round-edge handled is ergonomically designed for your kids to carry anywhere during trips or travelling.