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Giggles Funskool Learn N Write Slate, 2 in 1 Magnetic and Dry Erase Board

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Engage your child in hours of educational play with the Learn ‘N’ Write Slate, a 2-in-1 writing board.
Featuring an erasable white board on one side and a magnetic board on the other side. The kit also
comes with a sketch pen, a duster, magnetic letters, numbers & mathematical operators.

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This 2-in-1 magnetic and writing board is specially made for kids of the age group 3 years and above. It teaches them how to read, write and draw at an early age. The board comes with essential accessories to keep your child engaged. Dry-Erase Board
The dry-erase board comes with a sketch pen and duster, that allows the little one to write, draw and erase the surface with ease. This board improves the little one’s imagination and cognitive skills. It makes learning new things more fun and intuitive.

Magnetic Board
This 2 in 1 board features a magnetic slate on the other side. It enables adults to teach their kids about alphabets and numbers. It exercises the kid’s brain and enables them to learn counting, spellings and vocabulary at an early age.

Multiple Accessories
The magnetic writing board comes with multiple accessories. It includes a stand, cross link, duster, and sketch pen. It also includes 46 magnetic pieces namely-26 alphabets, 5 vowels, 10 numeric digits and 5 mathematical signs.