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Giggles Duck parade

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Funskool giggles duck parade – entertaining pull-along toy headed by drum beating mother duck followed by a train of waddling ducklings
Funskool giggles duck parade is an amusing and entertaining pull-along toy, which has a drum beating mother duck followed by her waddling two cute ducklings
Encourages toddler to walk, observe the various actions and sound, which teaches cause and effect
The pull-along toy also teaches toddler the concept of family, the mother and child bonding, as ducklings waddle behind their mother
Toddler develops sense of balance and co-ordination
Easy to learn colors from the vibrant colored parts of this toy
Entertains as ducklings waddle from side to side as the mother duck is pulled along

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Encourages Imaginative Play
As the ducks are pulled along it encourages the child to walk, play or run. Your baby can travel around the house with his favourite toy while not needing to lift or carry it, as its wheels will accompany your child smoothly. Interactive Toy For Kids
This toy teaches babies cause and effect while helping them to learn balancing. It develops hand-eye coordination and motor skills. It facilitates development-through play.

Safe To Play
This toy is designed with a durable and sturdy material which is safe for kids. It is built with curved edges to easily grip in a child’s hand. The rope can be wrapped around finger or hand for easy operation.

Keep Kids Engaged
The life-like appearance of the toy will keep the kids engaged for long hours. The drum beating sounds will support the engagement. This will help them to remain entertained while developing skills as well.