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Giggles – Dinnerware Set , 23 Colourful Pretend and Play Cooking Set

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Who’s coming for dinner tonight? Make them something special, to serve with your elaborate new dinnerware set. From dinner plates to serving bowls, cutlery to crockery here’s everything you need for a perfect evening. Set an example of how you should cater to your guests!

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This toy set is an exquisite and vibrant dinnerware set for kids. It contains all the essential crockery required to host a dinner party for three. It encourages the children to enhance their creativity and develop their role-play skills. 23 Appealing Pieces
This dinnerware set features 23 colourful pieces with appealing designs. It includes a casserole and salad bowl with lids, spatula, ladle, salt and pepper cellar, plate, 3 tumblers, 3 dining knives, 3 spoons and 3 forks. The set is perfect for hosting enjoyable dinner parties with friends and family.

Enhances Creativity and Imagination
The toy dinnerware is designed to pretend and serve delicious food. It improves the child’s observation, problem solving, and social skills. It also enhances their imagination. It is perfect for developing the kid’s hand-eye co-ordination and moral values. The colourful pieces instantly encourage the kids to play.

Child-Safe and Durable Construction
This serving and dining set is manufactured with high grade and non-toxic plastic material, that offers a durable and child-safe construction. The utensils are made with detailed attention to ensure that there are no harsh or sharp edges. They can also be cleaned with ease.