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Giggles Activity Ball

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Assemble and Roll! The Activity ball has 12 easy to fit segments that when put together forms a ball. It helps your baby with basic counting, colour recognition, hand-eye co-ordination and motor skills.

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This colourful activity ball is designed to provide a fun and intuitive way of enhancing the colour recognition ability and observation skills in toddlers. It has a vibrant exterior that instantly attracts your little one’s attention. This toy provides a fun way of learning new things. Easy to Assemble
This activity ball features two rings and 12 multi-coloured attachments, that can be easily arranged by your little one. The structure erects into a colourful ball that keeps the toddlers engaged and engrossed for hours. It is perfect for kids above 12 months of age.

Improves Physical and Mental Skills
The toy provides a fun learning experience. It improves the motor skills in toddlers. It also enhances their shape recognition, counting, hand-eye co-ordination and observation skills. It teaches them the concept of colours and shapes in a fun and playful way.

Child Safe
This activity ball is made with high grade and non-toxic plastic material. Each component is designed with detailed attention to ensure that there are no sharp edges. The child safe construction provides a fun way of learning the technique of assembly.