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Funskool Click Clack Duck

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A cute little Duck that will obey your baby’s orders at the press of a button! It waves, wiggles and makes a click clack noise – just as your baby wishes.

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Funskool toys have always delighted children and parents with the help of a variety of toys that they have developed. A new range of Funskool baby toys that is sure to offer countless hours of joy and companionship to infants and toddlers. The process of learning for infants begins from the time they become aware of their surroundings and it is a never-ending process. As their various senses begin to develop, they start to absorb everything around them, constantly soaking everything like a sponge, invariably looking for new things to learn. Funskool is the perfect companion for them.

This particular product, the Funskool Click Clack Duck, is a product from the Funskool range of infant toys. It is a multi-coloured toy with red wings, green bow, red mouth and sparkling black eyes. It also has a green and blue button for operating this cute little duck. It is a great multi-activity toy for infants aged six months and upwards. This little duck flaps its wings and wags its tongue at the touch of a button and keeps your little one entertained for a long time. This Click Clack duck is instrumental in developing your little one’s hand-eye coordination, sense of hearing and creative thinking abilities. Weighing a mere 159 grams and with product dimensions of 24 x 20.2 x 6 cms, this duck is a perfect present for your baby. This product is quite safe and also made of non-toxic plastic material.

Gift the Funskool Click Clack Duck to your little one and give your baby the joy of controlling this colourful and wacky duck.