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Clackie Toothies rattle teethers for 3m+ Giggles Funskool

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Five colourful tooth shaped teethers in a ring for
infants – until they get the real ones! Shake them
up! And you have a rattle that makes delightful
clacking sounds.

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Toothies are extremely beneficial for kids during their teething period. They provide relief to the gums and also help the teeth to break through gums. When teeth push through the gums during this period, it is at times irritable and painful and children do require something to bite on. This irritation can lack of sleeps and discomfort and they look for any things to bite on like their thumb or whatever object that they can lay their teeth on. Now, not all objects are suitable as either they are too small and involves the risk of swallowing them or they may be made from harmful material. However, you don’t need to worry as Funskool brings you Clackie Toothies, a safe and non-toxic toothie for kids.