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Butterfly Rattle for 6m+ baby Giggles Funskool

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A colourful, smiling butterfly that won’t fly away!
Just give it a shake and it’ll make delightful
rattling sounds

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Attractive Rattles for Newborn Babies
Rattles are meant to be babies’ first toy as they stimulate both visual and auditory development. Keeping the tradition, Funskool has come up with a butterfly shaped rattle for your tiny tot. This rattle is available in a variety of bright colours and each of them is capable to attract and hold your baby’s attention for a long time. This rattle is made of a non-toxic material and hence is safe for your baby’s playtime. The Funskool butterfly rattle provides a source of stimulation for kids. They will have a sense of discovery when they try to grab and hold the rattle.

Helps Develop Visual and Auditory Senses
The sound of the rattle helps kids understand and acknowledge an audio-visual presence around them. The butterfly rattle is especially designed for newborns. While the bright colour of the rattle strengthens their visual senses, its sound helps develop their auditory senses. Besides, it also helps in developing hand-eye coordination of babies. So, this butterfly shaped rattle toy for kids is not just amusing to look at, it also makes for a developmental toy. This is probably one of the reasons why it is considered to be an essential part of your baby’s early months.