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Topple – Funskool games

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Includes game base, game dice, topple tower, 48 playing pieces and a game stem
Player completing a row of five and managing to add to existing rows or stacking them high (4 or more) is the winner
Recommended Age – 6 to 10 Years

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Topple Balancing Game
Topple is a fun and intuitive game that involves balance and strategy. This balancing game is designed to stack the pieces until it is overloaded. The player whose coloured piece falls from the board loses the game. The game can also be played with the point system as instructed. Ultimately the objective is to prevent the pieces from toppling from the board. Develops Strategic Skills and Cognition
This unique stacking game helps in developing the strategic and cognitive skills of your little one. It requires the player to outwit the opponent, in order to score a point or make the piece topple. It is an endlessly fun and easy to play game that exercises the brain.

Play with Family and Friends
This competitive topple game can be played in multiple ways. It keeps young children engaged for hours. The game builds excitement as the colourful pieces start stacking on top of each other and in the end, the player with the higher stack count wins the game.

Inside the Box
The endlessly entertaining game set includes an ergonomic topple board. It also comes with a balancing tower, base, dice and 48 multi-coloured playing pieces. The game can indulge 2-4 players to enjoy a fun playtime. It can be an ideal gift for kids.


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