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The Game Of The States – Funskool games

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Game of the states is fun and educational too
It helps you to learn the location of each state
It’s capital city, important industries and products
Drive around India in your truck and buy products from one state and sell them in another

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Learn About Your Country Through This Game
Let your children gain knowledge about our country’s geography and economy in a fun way with the Funskool Game of the States set. This game can be played with a minimum of two and a maximum of four players. Your kids will love pretending to be truck drivers, who travel to the various states and territories of the country to sell different types of goods. The player who scores maximum in terms of earning money emerges the winner in this game. Moreover, this Game of the States board game is suitable for children who are six years of age and older.

Keeps Kids Engrossed For Hours
Kids will enjoying spending their free time playing this interesting Game of States Funskool kids educational game. It introduces and makes children aware about the various states, their capital cities, important industries and major products of the country. This game also familiarises children with matters related to money, trade and transactions. Playing this game with friends will only double the fun and foster the spirit of healthy competition. Moreover, this educational board game for kids will also instill a feeling of pride in the rich diversity of our country.

Brand: Funskool
Type: Board game
Colour: Multicolour
Ideal For: Boys and girls
Recommended Age: 6 years and above
Teaches about states, capitals, important industries and products
Includes: 29 states, 6 union territories and 10 chance cards, 4 delivery trucks, 16 product discs, play money, 20 cheques, 2 spinner dials, 2 arrows and pegs and game board


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