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Sum Genius – Funskool games

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Funskool sum genius – arithmetic challenge board game
An apt game to instill in children a sense of achievement by taking up challenges and solving them
Solve the sum genius board using the 49 tiles (numbered on both sides)
Solve one row at a time by placing the numbered tiles to complete the equation however, during game play you may have to constantly keep interchanging or flipping the tiles to ensure that the equations are meaningfully solved
All it takes to start is knowledge of basic arithmetic, balancing equations, logical reasoning and aptitude
What counts to win is a quick thinking and strategic mind

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Sum Genius
This Sum Genius board game by Funskool is an intuitive learning game that improves the mathematical skills of children in a fun way. The tile flipping game keeps the children occupied for hours. It lets them pass their leisure time productively. Challenging Game
This arithmetic game features a challenging board, that has sets of mathematical symbols and equations. The child has to arrange the tiles in order, to form correct equations throughout the board. This game is self-rewarding, and it raises a sense of achievement.

Improves Logical Skills
The board game is fun and educative. It develops the memory, arithmetic skills, logical reasoning and observation skills in kids at an early age. The game helps young children in learning the basics of balancing equations. It can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

Excellent for Gifting
This sum genius board game can be an excellent gift for the young learning minds. It is perfect for maths enthusiasts as it involves mind boggling equation solving while having a fun play time. The vibrant board and pieces can instantly encourage the little ones to play.


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