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Gotcha – Funskool games

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Funskool has helped parents provide their children with toys and board games that not only help them have fun, but also learn and develop creative skills.
The Funskool Gotcha! Whose Profession Is It Anyway Board Game is designed for both boys and girls aged 8 years and above; it develops memory retention power and also imparts knowledge of professions indirectly in an exciting way.
The objective is to guess your opponents’ profession at the earliest, but try and keep your profession a secret till the end of the game.
The set contains 1 game board, 12 profession cards, 30 attribute cards, 6 common cards, 10 mischief cards, 4 comeback cards and instructions.
Make your teatime with family and friends more exciting with this fascinating board game from Funskool.
The main focus of this board game is to mind other’s business and to keep a watch on your opponent’s profession.
All you have to do is hide your profession and keep your Attribute Cards a secret. The one whose profession remains undiscovered wins the game.
Be sharp and guess others profession before they guess yours. Your line of work is now on fire.

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What do you want to be when you grow up – illustrator, farmer, chef, astronaut or photographer? Sshh, don’t tell a soul, because this game is all about developing your profession, but keeping it a secret. Snoop out the professions of other players and go on to become a winner. Gotcha?


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