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Ludo – Funskool games

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One of the most loved game since centuries is now beautifully designed by Funskool.
Ideal for 2-4 players, this fun packed game gets all the attention from families for entertainment.
Try swinging all your pegs home before anyone else.
Travel Ludo has a plastic board with holes pinned on each square and pegs that moves around.

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A great game for the entire family. Old is gold ! A great strategy game of that make us cherish those nostalgic memories where families sit together and have hours of unlimited fun playing such a simple game .

Ludo is a wonderful strategy board game normally for two to four players, but with Funskool’s Ludo, more the merrier, so upto 6 players can play at one time. . Players move their tokens from the start to their corresponding Home position according to roll of the dice. A great source of fun for every family.

A game for all ages 4 years plus, whether you are a child, teenager or even an adult , thus bringing the entire family together. Roll a 1 or 6 on the dice and their players can start the game by bringing their first piece into play . Roll a 6 for multiple chances. The first player to get all their tokens back home is the winner.

When you buy this product, you get a game board, 6 playing pawns, a dice and an instruction sheet .


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