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Funskool – I Spy Preschool Game

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The I Spy Preschool Game is the self-correcting matching game where players match riddles with pictures. When all the pairs are completed everyone wins. Beginners “read” the pictures and advanced players read the words. There are five ways to play, including a memory version. I Spy Preschool Game helps players to practice the important pre-reading skills of visual discrimination, matching, rhyming and “reading” pictures. It also helps teaches cooperation and how to follow rules. Contains 12 interlocking pairs and game rules.

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I spy combines beautiful photographs, familiar object collections and rhyming riddles to create brain teasing puzzles kids and adults can’t resist. Our collection of I spy games and puzzles reinforces these principles in a variety of fun and unique ways. In this game, players match riddles with pictures. Visual clues help to ensure that no reading is required to join in on the fun. Match riddles with pictures. When all the pairs are completed, everyone wins!.