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Funskool Games – Checkers Plus 5, 5 in 1 checkers board games

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The Traditional Chinese Checkers Plus Five Other Check Board Game! Â Funskool games present checkers and 5 other games. Traditional checkers plus five other checkerboard games. This is a 5-in-1 board game based on strategy and quick thinking. Set of the board: Place the board between the 2 players so the first square on each player’s right-hand corner is a light one. 1 player takes 12 red men and the other 12 black. Each set up his men on the board as shown is a diagram. The game can be played by more than one person and is made to be enjoyed by the entire family.

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This traditional Checkers board game set improves the strategic and quick thinking skills in both kids and adults. The multi-player game stimulates a sense of competitiveness in little ones. It also improves their logical skills.
Appealing Board and Pieces

The strategic chequered board comes with 24 colour-contrasted red and black pieces, that have appealing designs engraved on both ends. The set also includes a perfectly sized dice for playing different checker games.

Improves Logical and Strategic Skills

The board game helps in improving the decision making skills and logical thinking in young kids. It also helps them in concentrating better for longer duration. It exercises the brain and makes play time more fun and interactive.

Raises Competitive Spirit

This competitive board game is fun and exciting. It keeps your little ones engaged and entertained for hours altogether. The game is often played by two players. This game set is suitable for kids of the age group 7 and above.