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Funskool Games – Chain Letters, Educational game

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Chain letters is the word sharing game where points are gained and lost from making new words from the last word put down on the circular base! Chain Letters is an engrossing and creative word game – for those partial to point pilfering. Ouch!

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This Chain Letter Set is a letter-sharing word game that can be played by 2 to 4 players. Points are gained during the formation of a word against your opponent. The game offers a fun way to learn new words and it helps in improving the verbal skills of children.
Unique Board with Tiles

This letter-sharing word game comes with a unique and attractive circular board that has a word marker attached to it. The set includes 4 scoring pegs, 72 alphabet tiles, and a bag to keep the tiles safe. The board is convenient to use as it helps in keeping a record of the score as well.

Enhances Vocabulary

The chain letter game helps in developing the vocabulary and verbal skills of children. This fun game can be played with friends and family members, at home, picnics, excursions or while travelling. The board holds the tile pieces perfectly. This letter game can keep the little ones engrossed for hours.

Perfect for Gifting

This interactive game set can be a perfect gift for kids as it gives them an intuitive learning experience. The enjoyable game also helps in improving the child’s language skills. It can be played by both adults and children. The game is made with non-toxic material. Hence, it is completely child-safe.