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Funskool Backlash A tactical game

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Backlash is a 2-player strategy game, where players compete to remove their opponent’s tokens from the board. Backlash is a game where the rules are simple but the outcomes can be surprising. It is all about strategy!

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This Backlash Board Game is a strategy building game that is fun and interesting. It helps in exercising the brain and developing a competitive spirit in kids. It provides endless hours of exciting playtime as the main objective is to dominate the board with your pieces.
2-Player Board Game

Backlash is a two player board game in which the players compete to take the opponent’s pieces off the board by using strategy and wits. The game comes with overlying and underling tokens that move according to the set rules in order to remove the opponent’s pieces.

Develops Mental and Motor Skills

This strategic board game helps in developing fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination in kids. It improves their strategic thinking, focus, memory, and decision making skills. It keeps the little ones occupied for hours. This fun board game can be played with friends and family.

Perfect for Gifting

The one thing that this DIY set offers is creative freedom to design. This box comprises of all the necessary crafting tools. It is perfect for kids above the age group of 5 years and above. It keeps the kids occupied for hours and makes them spend their leisure time productively.