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Funskool – 4 Steps, The family fun game

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Four Steps is the fun, family game especially designed to help teach kids how to do simple everyday tasks correctly and in just four easy steps! Each card features four steps to completing a task correctly, problem is, on each card one of the steps is missing! If the player can remember the missing step, they get to keep the card, but if not, the card must be returned to the table in the same position.

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This interactive game is cleverly designed for teaching kids about daily routine and tasks in four simple steps. It offers a fun and intuitive way to learn and carry out daily activities. It also helps in developing good manners and habits in kids at an early age.
Intuitive Learning Experience

This Four Steps game offers an intuitive learning experience while developing good habits in kids at an early age. It is a fun guessing game that enhances the kid’s memory and observation skills. The multi-coloured graphic board instantly encourages little ones to play.

Easy to Play

The family game is extremely easy to play. The cards feature four steps of completing a particular task correctly and one of the steps is missing for the child to guess. The game can be played with two to four players. It enables the parent to teach basic skills to their kids with ease.

Excellent for Gifting

This competitive board game can be an excellent gift for kids above the age of five. The set includes 56 vibrant cards, a board and 4 colourful pieces. This fun-filled bundle of joy helps kids in learning how to do things correctly. It is also rewarding to the little ones as they guess the right step.