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Chess Board – Funskool games

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One of the world’s oldest games
Requires no special equipment to play
Rules are simple to understand
No element of chance to win
Provides extraordinary broad range of challenge and entertainment

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Chess Game Set
Chess is one of the oldest games that is often played worldwide by almost all age groups. This strategic game is easy to learn yet it takes a life time to master. The game can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. Enhances the Intelligence Quotient in Kids
The board game is easy to learn. It enhances the IQ level of young kids. The game also helps in improving cognitive capabilities and strategic decision making skills. This addictive and enjoyable game teaches little ones to concentrate better. Fun Game for Kids and Adults
This interactive board game can be played by both kids and adults. It is ideal for enjoying a fun leisure time with friends and family. It enables the players to focus for longer hours without getting distracted. It constantly keeps the mind exercised. Chess Board with 32 Pieces
This classic game of focus and strategy comes with 32 plastic chess pieces and a foldable chequered board. It can be played indoors, outdoors or while travelling. The light weight set can be packed easily for vacations and excursions.


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