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Brick Burst – Funskool games

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Builds cognitive and conative skills
Punch out all the bricks that match the color on the color dice
Also the ones that are multiples of the number on the number dice
There are forty right different coloured bricks that can be punched into

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Brick Burst
This exciting number punching game offers a fun way of teaching mathematics to kids. It offers an intuitive learning experience to sharpen the mathematical skills and colour recognition ability in children at an early age. This game is ideal for kids of the age group 7 and above. Fun and Competitive Game
This brick burst game is a competitive mathematical game that is extremely fun and exciting. It involves rolling a numbered dice and a colour dice together. The multiples of the number on the dice that matches with the colour dice are to be punched on the opponent’s end. The player with the least point on his/her side wins the game. Develops Mental and Maths Skills
The number punching game helps in developing the cognitive and conative skills in kids. It exercises their brain and teaches them how to stay focused for hours. This game can be learned instantly. Children can compete with their parents and friends to enjoy their leisure time in a fun and productive way. Excellent for Gifting
This skilled mathematical brick game can be an excellent gift for kids. The 48 multi-coloured number bricks and the soft punching sticks encourage children to instantly start playing the game. The brick board is widened at the bottom to support the bricks while the child punches them.


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