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Pirates Telescope – Smartivity (Activity games for children)

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Designed for young explorers and adventurers, Smartivity Pirate’s Telescope kit comes with all
the parts and a step-by-step instruction manual needed to assemble an 8x magnification pocket
telescope. The retractable mechanism allows your child to adjust the focus and learn the
fundamentals of lens system based magnification.
This amazing pocket telescope will also introduce your child to a magical way of measuring
height and distances based on trigonometric ratios!
Each kit includes Smartivity’s world-class Instruction Manual with easy-to- understand, richly
illustrated, colour-coded, one-step-per-page, step-by- step instructions to build this cool construction toy.
Smartivity Pirate’s Telescope is the coolest way to learn fundamentals of optics and also a
practical way to understand application of the complex concept of trigonometric ratios, helping
children connect the abstract mathematical concept to real world benefits.

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