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Handycrafts – Sweet Treats , Mould and Paint POP , Make icecreams, lollis and sweets Funskool

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All you favourite sweets can now be made into adorable fridge magnets! 6 moulds in fun shapes – cupcakes, ice-creams, cakes, candy, lollipops and ice-lollies. Prepare the mixture, pour it into the moulds & let it dry. Voila! You moulded creations are now ready for decoration! Make, decorate & flaunt!

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This Funskool set allows your kids to make fridge magnets from scratch- beginning from assembling all the parts to the finish where they get to colour them and sticking it on the fridge. This set comes with various moulds of sweet treats which kids must paint as per their imagination. Draw from Your Sweet Tooth
This kit can instantly create excitement if kids have a sweet tooth and forever fancy sweet treats. They can use the paints as per their wish to create their very own fridge magnets.

Decorate Your Fridge
With this handicraft kit, kids can decorate the refrigerator. While this could be a fun experience, kids can also learn and remain involved in a productive process.

Group Activity
These fridge magnets can be built solo, kids can also invite their friends for more fun and entertainment. With all their friends participating your kids can have a fun-filled time.