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Handycrafts – Pottery, Funskool

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Isn’t it fascinating how a potter spins the wheel to make wonderfully shaped pots? Now you can do the same but without the mess. This pottery set comes with a wheel, pot mould, colours and more! Motivates the use of hands to create. Your chance to become a merry potter is right here! Spin that wheel and let the magic happen.

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Creativity with your hands. Funskool pottery introduces children to the art and history of hand sculpted pottery. The wheel surface is grooved, this helps hold the clay firmly and keeps it centred. Complete pottery studio in a box from pinch pots to clay figurines, this pottery wheel set will teach and inspire. Includes synthetic air-dry clay, tool set, 5 pots of paint, glaze, sponge, one paintbrush, illustrated instructions and ideas. Little or no adult supervision required this wheel has more power and turns with greater consistency than other wheels with ac adapters. Children can operate this wheel with little or no adult supervision. With other ac based units, wet clay, wet hands and a power cord leads to greater safety concerns and requires more adult supervision. Safe for children synthetic clay does not contain bacteria and microbes found in organic clay material, meaning this clay is safer for children. More paint, including brilliant glazes that give the look of a kiln-fired finish. Also include a brush and a sponge. The tool set is perfect for cutting, etching, sculpting, rolling and smoothing the surface of your clay.