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Handycrafts – Jute Craft , Make wall hanging, photo frame and coasters Funskool

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Craft with Jute! DIY 4 amazing Jute items with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. A wall hanging that can be used as a letter holder, a pretty photo frame and a pair of coasters! This kit includes jute fabric, jute threads, fabric tape, stencils and much more!

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Creative Kit
This kit comes with a sheet of natural jute fabric, natural jute thread, coloured jute thread, fabric tape, adhesives, andstencils. It can be used to create some fun usable DIY items and get kids indulged in arts and crafts. Wall Hanging
Kids can easily craft a wall hanging handicraft with this kit. It is provided with required stencils and accessories for the task. They may store it as a keepsake or display on the walls of their room.

Photo Frame
A picture frame stencil is provided to help your child create an adorable frame all by himself/herself. Your child can gift it to his/her friend or make a memorable décor for themselves.

A pair of functional coasters can also be made using this kit. Kids can use these coasters every day to rest their cup/mug of favourite juice, smoothies, shakes, milk etc.