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Handycrafts – Finger Painting Kit, Funskool

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Painting without a brush can be so much fun! Let your fingers create a riot of colours and magnificent works of art! There are five vibrant finger paint colours, so you can even choose one for each finger and get to work. Go ahead, create splendid works of art that the world will appreciate.

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Bring out the hidden artists inside your children with this fun and exciting finger painting set by Funskool. The set allows kids to mix and match colours to paint and exceed their limit of imagination.
5 Vibrant Colours

This painting set includes the five most vibrant core colours. They can either be painted separately or mixed with each other to create new colour shades. This set makes your little one explore the art of finger painting.

10 Design Sheets

Think your little one is ready for the canvas? Use this set of 10 different design sheets to improve your child’s painting skills. The sheets include plant and animal pictures. They can keep your child engaged with something productive.

Enhances Artistic Skills

Help your child develop creative artistic skills with this painting set. Fingerpaint on different images or encourage your toddlers to paint on plain canvas. They can also learn the basics of colour mixing with this set.