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Handycrafts – Fabric Stamping kit DIY, Funskool

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“Make your own stamps & use them to decorate 3 fabric items – Fabric bag, pouch and handkerchief! Includes 16+ fun stamp designs for DIY stamps and also 3 precut stamps ready for use! With these stamps create patterns, scenes or anything else you wish on the fabrics to decorate them! “

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This exciting DIY Stamping kit helps in bringing out the creative skills of children. The set comprises of Crafting paper, stamps, crafting glue, paint brush, stamp holder, foam sheets, design stencils, handkerchiefs, paints and plastic clips.
Fun Stamps

The set comprises of over 16+ exciting and fun stamp designs. The pre-cut stencils and craft paper can be used to make custom stamps or pre-designed ones. This kit encourages kids to take part in art and craft. It also enhances their imagination.

Design and Decorate

Design and decorate the fabric bag, pouch, and handkerchief using the paints and stencils included in this set. This stamping kit enables kids to use their creative skills and make beautiful stamp laden fabric gifts for their loved ones.

Promotes Creativity

The one thing that this DIY set offers is creative freedom to design. This box comprises of all the necessary crafting tools. It is perfect for kids above the age group of 5 years and above. It keeps the kids occupied for hours and makes them spend their leisure time productively.