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Handycrafts Dreamcatcher ,DIY Dreamcatcher Funskool

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Hang the Dreamcatcher above your bed to let only the sweet dreams pass through to you! Make 3 unique & colourful Dreamcatchers from scratch with this DIY kit! Includes threads, pom-poms, beads & more! Easy to follow step by step illustrations inside!

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Making dream catchers is a fun process. Start right from the beginning with a long thread and follow the instructions on the manual. You kids can have lots of fun and in the process while boosting their creative side. Bring Out Your Inner Artist
The box contains several papers, colourful threads, beads and pom-poms with which your kid can develop a very exotic dreamcatcher. Put the artist inside him/her on duty to complete the process.

Easy to Maintain
The dreamcatcher set is very easy to play with. At the beginning your child will have to customise as per his/her idea and then adjust to suit them. Decorate it with the box contents to finish the process.

Do It Together
While you can easily make a dreamcatcher on your own, ask your friends to join you during the process of making. With more fun and joy, the experience will be a pleasant one.