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Handycrafts – Braiding Kit Funskool

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DIY Fun Braided Accessories! Learn 3 easy braiding techniques use them to make your own headbands, bracelets and key-chains! Completely customizable colours and types of braids while making your accessories. Includes 8 colurs of chords and 2 foam braiding tools along with an easy to follow illustration booklet!

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Braid and look beautiful with this great bumper beads sets for hours of fun! Learn to create your own style With DIY bracelet making kit. The set includes 8 colours of chords and 2 foam braiding tools, so you can create a lot more accessories than with any other set!. The gorgeous colour threads in the boxset allow you to make accessories that are visually appealing. Let your child’s creativity break free. This kit can be used to design key chains, headbands and bracelets.
Productive Engagement

The Funskool braiding kit allows your kids to have both fun and get hands on experience making handicrafts at the same time. The engagement can help gain a creative flair while keeping kids occupied.

Convenient to Maintain

The set includes 8 colourful chords and 2 foam braiding tools. With this kit, kids can create a variety of accessories. The kit educates kids with three easy braiding techniques.

Group Activity

While kids can make quality headband or key chain by themselves, they may also invite their friends to join in the process. With more people in the mix, kids can have double fun and a fun filled time.