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Funskool Handycrafts – Scented Candle Pots

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Create your own stunning scented candles in 3 amazing fragrances – French vanilla, green apple and lavender! Includes 3 terracotta pots in different shapes, 3 flavours of wax, paints and more! Decorate the pots, pour in the wax, let them dry & voila! It is time for some sparkle!

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Design Your Own Candle Pots
This candle box set offers enormous thrill and fun for kids. With three distinctively designed pots, paint colours and candle accessories, your kids will have plenty to play with. Let their creative mind takeover to fill the imagination with light and colour. Easy to Follow Process
The total process of setting up a candle on the pots is very easy to do. Paint the terracotta pots with colours of your choice. Next, make your candles before lighting them up.

Invite Your Friends
This Funskool candle box set is engagingly interesting, where kids can ask both parents and friends to join for fun and creativity. Collectively you can all design and light your own candle pots and decorate your home.

Safe to Play With
The candle boxes set is completely safe for kids to play with. It comes with security measures and does not contain any harmful ingredients or harmful colours.