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Fundough – Racing Worms, Funskool Extrude & Race

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The ultimate dough race game! Mould Fundough worms and race them on the tracks. First worm through the apple wins! Spin the spinner to race your dough worm and beware of the crow! Includes 2 tubs of Fundough. Go on an action packed adventure with this Racing Worms dough game!

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This ultimate dough racing game features a vibrant spinner wheel and racing track, that offers a competitive racing experience. The fun game can be played to compete between two players or two teams.
2 Re-Usable Dough Tubs

The fundough set comes with yellow and blue dough tubs, that help the little ones in making various worm figurines. This play set develops the child’s creative skills. It offers hours of fun, as the dough can be re-collected to start all over again.

Child-Safe and Vibrant Pieces

The appealing racing worm set features a spinner and two race tracks. It also has an apple at the finish line. The first worm that gets through the apple wins the game. The colourful pieces have a child-safe design with smooth finishes. They instantly encourage the kids to play.

Improves Motor Skills

This playset helps in improving the child’s hand-eye co-ordination and motor skills. It engages the little ones to play for hours. It also develops a competitive spirit in kids at an early age. This set is perfect for kids of the age group 6 years and above.