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Fundough – Numbers, Letters n Fun, Funskool playdough

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When are numbers and the letters of the English alphabet fun? When kids can create them with Fundough, of course! An exciting, informative pastime for children who are just easing into the learning mode Number Letters ‘N Fun offers a cutter for each letter and number, plus 10 tubs of dough. Now, wouldn’t that be enough to bring the classroom home?

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This Fundough set is manufactured to teach kids about the concept of numbers and alphabets while having a fun playtime. It features 10 pieces of colourful dough. It has more than 35 pieces of alphabets and numbers. Offers non-stop fun as the child can restart the activity all over again, by collecting the dough back into the containers.
Appealing Pieces

This play set comes with numerous number and alphabet pieces, that enable the little ones to make moulded alphabets and numbers using the dough. The appealing pieces instantly encourage the little ones to learn and play.

Develops Mental and Motor Skills

The fundough set helps in developing strong motor skills in kids at an early age. It enables the little ones to learn about various concepts such as shapes, colours, numbers, and alphabets. It improves the memory and hand-eye co-ordination in kids.

Child-Safe Dough

This numbers and alphabets game set is made with detailed attention to ensure smooth finished edges. The dough and mould pieces are non-toxic and child-safe. The dough can be moulded into multiple shapes. It has a soft and smooth texture that makes it safe for kids.