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Fundough – Kitchen Set, Funskool Clay set

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Throw on that apron and have a go at Fundough’s modern kitchen set. Make your favourite food in an openable oven with turnable knobs. Refer our 5 recipe cards for inspiration. The set comes complete with a mixer, juicer and a full serving set. So pop in that pizza, extrude those fries and get ready to treat your friends to the best spread in town!

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Bring out the creative little chef in your toddler with this exciting Build a Kitchen playset from Funskool. The set includes various components such as 4 tubs of Fundough, a Plunger, Mixer, Oven, Extrude fire maker, Cookie stampers, Recipe cards, Scale, Egg moulder, 3 spoons, 3 forks, 3 knives, and 2 plates.
Setup and Play

Let your toddler setup and design their own custom kitchen with this fun playset. The role-playing tools in this kitchen set makes playtime extremely fun and interactive. The toys are safely designed with no sharp edges.

Creative Playtime Experience

Allow your kids to develop their creative skills by mixing and moulding the craft clay. Mould the clay into various shapes using the kitchen tools. The colourful pieces of this set can also improve your child’s hand-eye co-ordination.

Non-Toxic Fundough

The Fundough set comprises of non-toxic child safe clay. The softness of the clay allows it to be moulded into any desired shape. The non-hazardous nature of the clay makes it suitable for kids of the age group 3 years and above.