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Fundough – Happy Faces, Funskool

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Smile with Fundough Happy Faces! Mix & match various face expressions with different face shapes to create multiple fun faces! A unique dual cutter concept for the kids to try and enjoy! Includes 5 tubs of Fundough and an array of tools to decorate the faces!

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It is time for kids to have fun with this fun dough. They can create different types of face expressions and have fun. Kids can let loose their creative spirit by mix-matching the cutters to make different facial expressions. The vibrant colours of dough make it more enjoyable and help them to differentiate easily.
Timeless Engagement

This fun dough can keep your child busy for long hours. This sculpting dough and tools keep them engaged in fun and boost their own creativity. It helps them to recreate their favorite expressions and have fun.

Safe For Kids

This dough is made up of non-toxic material which is not harmful for kids. Durable plastic is used to make tools to keep your child safe from scratches while playing. Dough is soft and easy to mould. It is non-sticky and non-staining.

Easy To Use

This dough and toolbox is very easy to use and provides an opportunity to spark imagination and creativity. They will enjoy mixing colors and shapes to create their own world of happiness. This is a great experience for kids to share.