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Fun Dough – Box of Colours, Funskool Clay Dough

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Give kids a tub of dough and they’re sure to have a good time. Give them a dozen – each in a different colour – and they’re bound to have a big, colourful party! That’s right, Fundough Box of Colours brings you 12 tubs of brightly coloured dough. If colours add to festivity, imagine what 12 colours of dough can do! It’s every kid’s own box of unending fun!

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Multi-Coloured Dough Set

Let your child enjoy and explore with this creative crafting dough set. The toy set features 12 different coloured clay doughs that can be moulded into various shapes. The clay used is non-toxic and safe for children to play with.

Non-Toxic Clay

The multi-coloured Fundough set is made using non-toxic child safe clay. This eliminates the risk of allergies. The clay has a smooth texture and vibrant colour. It is suitable for kids of the age 3 years and above.

Stimulates Visual Development

This dough set helps the toddlers in developing their visual skills at a very early age. The doughs are stored in individual boxes of respective colours. Toddlers can learn to identify various colours with this set.

Enhances Crafting Skills

Help your child develop his/her crafting skills with this fundough set. The clay dough can be moulded into various creative shapes. Toddlers can have fun by making various shapes using the desired colours.