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Yonex Mavis 10 Nylon Shuttlecocks (Pack of 6)

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Developed using the flight timing of feather shuttlecocks, Mavis Nylon shuttlecocks are precision designed and manufactured to provide accurate flight performance
When smashed, a Mavis shuttlecock recovers in only 0.02 seconds. This performance is just 0.005 seconds slower than a Yonex Feather shuttlecock and 0.08 seconds faster than the recovery of an ordinary shuttlecock
Box contents: 6 shuttlecocks
Country of Origin: Japan

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Mavis 10 Nylon Shuttlecocks by Yonex
Keep your Eyes on the Trophy!
When you play with a brand like yonex, you will always be at the top of your game. Tireless research and a constant strive to perfection are at the core of all yonex products, and the yonex mavis 10 nylon shuttlecock is a prime example of the company’s innovation. The close-to-feather construction and in-flight stability of this shuttlecock combine the advantages of top-notch performance and incredible longevity, thus making they yonex mavis series the most cost-effective choice for practice sessions. Quick Recovery
While conventional nylon shuttlecocks often falter in recovery, those from yonex’s mavis series differ greatly in performance. With a recovery time in few seconds, the mavis 10 shuttlecock, when smashed with great force, comes quite close to the performance of yonex feather shuttles.

Yonex understands the need for identifying the right shuttle for a particular playing environment. Yonex categorises their shuttles into 3 temperatures, each colour coded for added convenience. Red caps, blue caps, and yellow caps are suitable for 0-13, 12-23, and 22-33 degrees celsius respectively.

With the mavis shuttlecocks, yonex has closed the bridge between feather and nylon shuttlecocks to a large extent. These have been engineered with precision to provide a performance that is close to feather shuttlecocks, the result being the same flight time as a feather shuttle. Stable Trajectory
The mavis 10 shuttlecocks do not just have a flight time similar to that of a traditional feather shuttle, but they are also able to provide a more traditional feel compared to other nylon shuttles. Their precision design enables a stable trajectory mid-air, which is further aided by a quicker recovery time.

Nylon shuttlecocks have been a popular choice for players of beginner or intermediate levels due to a more durable performance compared to feather ones. The yonex nylon shuttlecocks offer unparalleled longevity while remaining uncompromising in terms of performance.

Coming in a pack of 6, this pack of yonex mavis 10 nylon shuttlecocks are ideal for both amateurs as well as clubs. This pack will be a durable investment for anyone looking to practice and improve their skills at badminton.