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Fitspree Supreme Yoga Brick, 8cm thickness

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These lightweight foam blocks provide the stability needed for optimal alignment, deeper poses and increased strength. Used under hands, feet or your seat, lightweight block ensure proper alignment and safely assists in deepening stretches. Don’t risk injury – grab a block and enjoy your yoga session. Constructed of a durable foam with a non slip surface.

  1. Allows your body to maintain the right alignment
  2. Reduces the distance between the ground and the body
  3. Helps in Increasing the flexibility of your body
  4. Reduces stress and strain
  5. Helps prevent injuries

Note: The Colors may vary subject to availability

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Dimension: 14×23.2cm

Thickness : 8cm

How to clean:

  • After practice simply wipe down the block with water or if you need more of a clean use a mixture of soap and water.
  • The block can be dried with a towel or simply left to air dry.


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