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Wisdom From The Spirit World By The Newton Institute

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In memory of Michael Newton, PhD case studies of life between lives from the Michael Newton Institute receive knowledge and wisdom that will lighten your load and encourage you to connect to your own inner wisdom. Wisdom from the spirit world shares awe-inspiring stories of healing and wisdom experienced by real people just like you. Within these pages, you’ll discover what it’s like to make an astral journey to the realm of spirit, where guides and higher beings of love and light await to provide instruction and warm encouragement. No matter what kind of issues you’re struggling with in your life, You will be able to relate to the powerful wisdom that is shared in these case studies. Compiled by members of the Newton Institute for life between lives Hypnotherapy, these fascinating case studies will help you work through and release past traumas that may be influencing your current life. The stories focus specifically on some of the most common challenges faced by people in the modern world, including: facing anxiety and depression healing from loss moving from self sabotage to strength nurturing relationships balancing career and finances aging and dying.

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